The Workshop

The Workshop is where you'll find all things technical and coffee. The Beansmith team has a strong technical background and we think it is part of what sets us apart. While we would be nothing without our raw passion, it is the technical know-how that allows us to convert the passion into quality that is tangible.

The Workshop showcases brew guides (how to ...) for all the major brew methods, as well as technical articles and reference material. Where relevant we've provided links to the seminal online articles and included additional advice in our own words where further elaboration is helpful.

Coffee Roasting Flavour Chemistry
In this introductory article our head roaster will walk you through some basic concepts in coffee flavour chemistry that will help you better understand the origin of all the flavours you enjoy in specialty coffee. continue reading

Tamping For Improved Espresso Coffee Extraction
For many years I had always prescribed to the school of thought that tamping had been over complicated, somewhat unnecessarily, by folks who were looking for problems that just weren't there. That was until I tied the NSEW technique using a VST basket. continue reading

Coffee Dessert Recipe - Beansmith Tiramisu
I've chosen the bare essential ingredients of the highest quality and created my own take on this classic dessert, with espresso coffee as the hero. This way you can savour each component and enjoy the interplay and contrast between them. continue reading

Cold Coffee Recipe - Caffe Arancione
Use a quality Central American espresso roast coffee for some gentle roast character and chocolate textures. Serve on ice with a wedge of locally grown Valencia orange in your favourite Old Fashioned glass. continue reading

Cold Coffee Recipe - Summer Sublime
Select a great washed African filter roast coffee for clarity and depth of fruit character. Chill and serve neat, using an elegant small vessel. continue reading

Coffee Brewing Guide - Aeropress
Brewing guidelines for Aeropress. Here we'll discuss the two major variations in how it can be used. The 'espresso' style and the more delicate 'filter'. continue reading

Adjusting Your Porlex Coffee Grinder
A simple guide with some benchmark settings for your Porlex grinder for all the different brew methods. continue reading

Coffee Roaster Thermal Camera Images
We recently had access to a thermal camera for some of the ongoing work we're pursuing on the heat transfer science of coffee roasting. Here are the images. continue reading

Coffee Brewing Guide - Stove-top espresso
Guidelines for stove-top espresso brewing methods. continue reading

Coffee Brewing Guide - Espresso
How to make the perfect espresso at home (or at work), guidelines for pump or piston driven espresso brewing methods. continue reading

Coffee Brewing Guide - Plunger, Aeropress and Clever Dripper
Guidelines for full immersion brew methods: Plunger, Aeropress, Clever Dripper. continue reading

Coffee Brewing Guide - Drip filters
Guidelines for drip filter brew methods: Moccamaster, Chemex, Hario V60 and Bonavita. continue reading

Science of Coffee Brewing
This is our main article on brewing coffee. Topics include: 1. Categorising the flavours present in brewed coffee. 2. The factors affecting extraction. 3. Practical tips for brewing. continue reading

Coffee Freshness and Storage
Once coffee is roasted, it expels CO2 in a process often referred to as outgassing. This process takes a day or two in open air but in a sealed, valved bag it will take about 7 days. At the same time, the flavours of the coffee are evolving and becoming more complex. continue reading

Our Approach to Coffee Roasting
Our roast profiles aim to maximise all aspects of drinking enjoyment. The perfect espresso stems from a combination of complex aromas, intense yet balanced flavours, thick body and lingering aftertaste. Roasts that are too light or too dark will fail to achieve this delicate balance. continue reading

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