Moccamaster Automatic Filter Brewer

Moccamaster Automatic Filter Brewer
The Moccamaster from Techni Vorm in The Netherlands seemingly does the impossible, it offers the convenience of automatic drip filter brewing with incredible cup quality. It is perfect for the home, boardroom, office or busy specialty coffee cafe. No timers, no fancy electronics, just perfect coffee, every cup, day after day, year after year.

The cup it produces is both rich and balanced, being particulary good at enhancing any sweet flavours present in the coffee. We think its cup profile sits in between the juiciness of an Aeropress and the delicate nature of a Bonavita V-Style drip filter. There is some additional information below explaining how and why it is so good but here is a summary.

Features and Benefits

  • The copper element brews at 92 – 96°C with even bed distribution and 4-6 minute brew time, resulting in excellent cup quality. We recommend a 5 minute total brew time for best results.
  • They are hand built in Holland with quality, recyclable materials, offering a 5 year warranty for domestic use (1 year for commercial use).
  • They are easy to use, just add water, filter paper and coffee - making efficient use of staff time.

There are two models available:

  1. KB741AO - Glass jug with hotplate
  2. KBT741 - Stainless steel, insulated carafe

Both include: Qty 100 bonus oxygen bleached filters

    Standard Features on both models:

    • Capacity 1.25 liters.
    • Aluminium housing.
    • Copper boiling element with double safety guard.
    • Automatically switches off power to the boiling element when water reservoir is empty.
    • Mixing lid for a homogenous brew, no need to stir the brewed coffee.
    • 9 hole spray head for efficient wetting of the coffee grounds.
    • Filter holder with manual flow control/drip stop for stop / half open / full open to achieve the correct contact time between water and coffee. Set it on full open for half a pot or more and set it on half open for less than half a pot.

    Moccamaster coffee machines are certiļ¬ed in accordance with strict requirements of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) and the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and the European Coffee Brewing Centre (ECBC).

    Moccamaster KB741AO - Glass Jug. 

    Classic timeless design, this machine is ideal for the home, boardroom, office or busy specialty coffee cafe.

    Unique Features:

    • AO model automatically switches off hotplate after 2 hours.
    • Hotplate selection switch for smaller quantities of coffee. Use the switch to the right to switch between hot plate temperature if required. Lower temperature for small amount of coffee and higher for full pot. For high temperature the switch illuminates.
    • Standard finish is polished silver (pictured) but colours are also available ex-stock. Colours are pink, fresh green, yellow pepper, matt black, red and white. Please contact us for orders of coloured models.

    Moccamaster KBT741 - Thermal Carafe

    An elegant and stylish coffee machine for home and small office use. The stainless steel thermal carafe is efficient in maintaining the temperature and also keeps the coffee fresh. It is flexible; brew the coffee and take the carafe with you to the dinner table or meeting room.

    Unique Features:

    • Brew stop if jug is not in place
    • Standard finish is polished silver (pictured). Also available in black ex-stock. Please contact us for orders of the black model.

    Thermal carafe

    For greater flexibility, consider using the Moccamaster stainless steel thermal carafe in combination with your glass carafe machine.

    This will enable you to make larger quantities on occasions, e.g. a dinner party where you also then have the advantage of being able to keep the coffee fresh and to leave this stylish carafe on the dinner table rather than leaving it the glass carafe on the hotplate for too long. Also great to take with you on picnics. 

    Preheat the carafe before brewing by rinsing it out with a little hot water. This will help to maintain the temperature of the coffee. The carafe comes with two lids, a mixing lid and a travel lid. Leave the mixing lid in the carafe after brewing. It will keep the coffee hot and it will pour perfectly. The travel lid is intended to be used if you take the carafe with you to say to a picnic or in the car.

    In an office environment, it may be a good idea to purchase a separate carafe to get the benefit of a larger quantity of coffee and also the flexibility to be able to have a coffee in separate locations.

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