Aeropress Coffee Brewer - $49.00

Aeropress Coffee Brewer - $49.00
The revolutionary Aeropress from Aerobie is a transportable and versatile personal coffee maker. It uses a rubber plunger to build pressure for extra richness and paper filter to ensure a clean cup. These dual features create a unique cup profile. Compared to other brew methods, it more precisely highlights specific fruit acidity that may be present and it has a crystal clean juiciness that is unrivalled. Add this to the great depth of sweet flavour it achieves along with all the functional features and you can see why it is so popular!


  • Versatile, fast and transportable.
  • Brews rich 'espresso' in 1 minute or delicate 'filter' in 2.5 minutes.
  • Easy to clean - eject the grounds and filter and simply rinse everything in water.
  • Kit includes 350 paper filters.
  • Great for home, work, office, business travel, camping and anywhere else you want fresh brewed coffee.

Brewing Methods

Our preferred brew method for the Aeropress is the inverted (upside-down) method as depicted here in Stumptown's brew guide. Our favourite recipe is as follows:

  • 11g to 12g fresh coffee, Porlex grind setting number 3.
  • 200mL of water at 85 degrees Celsius
  • Break the crust gently with the stirrer, do not agitate
  • Steep for 2.5 minutes
  • Press for 30 seconds

You might also like to see how the pro's do it with the World Aeropress Championship winning recipes. Congratulations to Shuichi Sasaki for his first place in the 2014 title!

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