Bonavita V-Style Drip Filter 2 Cup - $29.00

Bonavita V-Style Drip Filter 2 Cup - $29.00
The ultimate artisan method of home coffee making; for the coffee connoisseur. V-style drip filters produce the most delicate and aromatic of all cup profiles because there is no external pressure applied, only gentle gravity driven percolation. They reward patience and skill and bring out the artisan in any coffee drinker. The Bonavita V-style 2 cup drip filter is designed for pour over brewing. It's really well made, a joy to use and super quick to clean up. Just remove the coffee and filter together, then rinse and dry.


  • Made with premium Bone China - durable and heavy to limit heat loss during brewing.
  • Works well with No.2 paper filters, available from your local supermarket.
  • Ribbed for better water flow.
  • Easy grip handle.

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