Adjusting Your Porlex Coffee Grinder

Adjusting Your Porlex Coffee Grinder

In the table below we have included our preferred settings for using the Porlex 'mini' coffee grinder for the various brew methods. Consider these to be starting or benchmark settings; you may decide to diverge from these at some stage but we think they're a good reference point for the brew methods described. Note that some settings cross-over into multiple brewing methods.

Setting*  Brew Method #1
 Brew Method #2
      1 Non-commerical espresso machine

      2 Aeropress - Espresso style (120g per Litre)

      3 Aeropress - Filter style (60g per Litre )
Techni Vorm Moccamaster (full 75g brew)
Bonavita V-style drip filter
Bialetti Moka Express
Plunger Cold drip

*Setting (clicks anti-clockwise from fully closed)

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