Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives

We use Diedrich coffee roasters which use infra-red low NOx gas burners which results in lower emissions. Compared with an atmospheric burner (as is used in most other roasters) the infra-red burner produces only 3-4% of the NOx (oxides of Nitrogen) gases (which are cause acid-rain). The CO, CO2, and the various species of Sulfur Oxides (SOx) are reduced by roughly 40 - 65%. The aldehydes emissions are less than 30% of that produced by atmospheric burners. Our calculation of the gas energy use per kg batch (from actual roasting data) is around 920 kJ/kg/batch.

We are now trialling compostable high barrier coffee bags for internal use and with some customers in order to receive feedback. So far the results are promising and we will report back with further news once the trial is complete.

We are also pursuing compostable label stock and again, we'll bring them online as soon as we can. In the short term, we've just redesigned our bag labels to reduce the number of labels per bag from one to two by including all the information on one label. 

At our own roastery cafe, we use fully compostable takeaway cups (lids included).

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