Coffee Freshness and Storage

Coffee Freshness and Storage

Once coffee is roasted, it expels CO2 in a process often referred to as outgassing. This process takes a day or two in open air but in a sealed, valved bag it will take about 10 days. At the same time, the flavours of the coffee are evolving and becoming more complex. So, if you open some espresso roast beans before 7 days, you will find the flavour in the cup is not as developed as compared with 10 days after the roast and the crema will be bubbly (due to CO2) and it will dissipate more quickly. It is our recommendation that 10 days post-roast is the optimum day to open a fresh bag of our coffee. 

If you have bought some filter roast coffee this is a much lower level concern but some beans will show improved flavours with resting too. Due to the lighter roast, the aging process takes longer, so filter roast coffees that do improve with resting can take more than 14 days to reach their full potential.

With this in mind we have some practical tips for enjoying specialty coffee (espresso roast) in a real world situation. We recommend opening the new bag at around 7 days post-roast and using over the following 7 days. This will mean that at around days 8-10 your coffee will be drinking at its optimum and if you manage to keep it dry and cool it will behave well until the the bag is empty.

Once open, we recommend folding the bag to expel the air and storing air-tight in a cupboard. We do not recommend refrigerated storage as the high relative humidity causes accelerated staling.

Alternately, you could open a bag of coffee from The Beansmith that is 10 days post-roast, every single day. We would be only too happy to help.

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