Our Approach to Coffee Roasting

Our Approach to Coffee Roasting

The Beansmith roast profiles aim to maximise all aspects of drinking enjoyment. What else is there besides flavour you might ask? Well, for example, the hedonistic experience from sipping the perfect espresso stems from a combination of complex aromas, intense yet balanced flavours, thick body and lingering aftertaste. Roasts that are too light or too dark will fail to achieve this delicate balance.

In developing our roast profiles we considered:

  • Coffee flavour chemistry.
  • Heat transfer science as it relates to coffee roasting.
  • The intended brew method.
  • The intrinsic flavour and attributes of each origin.
  • The flavour 'balance' for each origin with our roasting profile.

The flavours you experience in a brewed coffee will be a combination of the myriad variables in preparing the brew as well as intrinsic qualities of the roasted beans. Our brewing how-to article will ensure you have the preparation aspects under control.

In terms of the roasted beans and their effect on the flavour in the cup, it is a combination of origin and roast profile - they cannot be separated. It is the roaster's perogative as to how to work within and around the intrinsic properties of each origin of bean.

Using science, experience and personal preference, our roast profiles are aimed right at the sweet spot. We aim to maximize the drinking enjoyment by ensuring a balance of natural acidity and roast character, highlighting the natural sweetness and developing textural characters appropriate to the brew method. Within this overarching approach, each origin will speak for itself with its own unique attributes but they are supported by our roasting profile.

Further Reading

In this article Basic Chemical Reactions Occurring in the Roasting Process, Carl Staub (of AGTRON fame) describes some of the important concepts in coffee roasting chemistry.

For the home roasters reading, there is some more helpful and slightly more accessible guidance here at Coffeeresearch.org.

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