PNG - Kenta (Grade A)

PNG - Kenta (Grade A)

Tasting Notes

Clean and sweet, with excellent acidity and mouthfeel. Highly aromatic with complex flavours of citrus, melon, peach, sultana, milk chocolate and raw sugar.


Country : Papua New Guinea  Vintage : 2016
Region : Kenta, Mt Hagen  Altitude: 1600m
Farm : Kenta Estate  Varietal : Typica
Farmer : 350 small holders  Processing : Washed


There are about 2000 residents in the Kenta Village. To them coffee growing is vital to their livelihood providing much needed revenue to meet their social obligations. Vegetable and other crops are grown alongside coffee to suit the market demand.

42 hectares of land on Kenta was identified and planted to Arabica coffee. This plantation forms the nucleus estate for the small growers in the vicinity and provides sustainable extension services to the farmers. A state of the art wet factory has been built on the plantation with government funding. The factory is eco-friendly with pollution control measures in place. 

Recognizing the need to improve the lot of the small growers, Kenta in conjunction with the World Bank has successfully implemented the Progressive Partnership in Agriculture Project. 350 farmers are now under the program and changes to their livelihood are already noticeable.  A HIV AIDS Clinic and Outpost has been set up with support from the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority.

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