BRAZIL - Boa Vista

BRAZIL - Boa Vista
Tasting Notes

Sweet, smooth and creamy, with mandarin acidity, brown sugar sweetness, dark chocolate, rum, and a lingering dark chocolate finish.


Country : Brazil  Vintage : late 2015
Region : Minas Gerais
 Altitude : 1100 m
Farm : Fazenda Boa Vista
 Varietal : Catuaí
Farmer : Divino do Reis Rereira
 Processing : Natural


Boa Vista is a small 22 hectare farm located in Carmo do Paraníba in the Northwest of Minas Gerais.

The farm is owned by Divino do Reis Rereira who was born is Patos de Minas, a small city in the countryside of Minas Gerais. In 1992 he received an offer to buy a piece of land, and jumped at the opportunity to pursue something he'd always had a passion for: coffee.

As he was the first on his family to produce coffee, Mr Divino had to rely on the help and expertise of the producers in the region. Over the last 20 years, with the help of expert advice from hired coffee professionals, Mr Divino started understand how coffee production worked and realize the potential of his land.

Boa Vista sits at 1100m above sea level, and 20 hectares are dedicated to coffee production.

The coffee is harvested by hand, and picked at the peak of ripeness and then carefully sun-dried. When the cherry is almost purple the dried fruit skin and parchment is taken off in a mechanical huller and then the coffee is rested for at least 6 weeks before export.

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