BRAZIL - Shangri La

BRAZIL - Shangri La
Tasting Notes

Rich, sweet and balanced with a heavy body and notes of toffee, cocoa and hazelnut.


Country : Brazil  Vintage : late 2014
Region : Borda da Mata
 Altitude : 1000 m
Farm : Fazenda Shangri La
 Varietal : Yellow Catuaí
Farmer : Paulo Vianna de Andrade
 Processing : Natural


In 1946, Paulo Vianna de Andrade, a Brazilian Air Force pilot, gave up flying and came to work with his father, Porfirio Ribeiro de Andrade, on the family's dairy farm near the city of Pouso Alegre, southern Minas Gerais.

By the beginning of the 1950s, after recognising the potential of the fertile land around Pouso Alegre, Senhor Paulo founded the Fazenda Shangri-lá, and on its hillsides (which sit at 1000m above sea level) began cultivating varieties of Mundo Novo and Red and Yellow Catuaí.

Today, Fazenda Shangri-lá is run by Senhor Paulo's grandson, Eduardo Carneiro Vianna de Andrade, who has confronted the difficulties presented by this mountainous terrain (and its high cost of maintenance), with innovation. Not only has he implemented cutting-edge agricultural techniques in his farming practices, but he has also diligently renovated his plantations, searching incessantly for the perfect balance between quality and sustainability.

This commitment to quality is readily apparent in this naturally processed Yellow Catuaí. This coffee is incredibly sweet, rich and balanced, with notes of toffee, cocoa and hazelnut.

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