Cold Coffee Recipe - Caffe Arancione

Cold Coffee Recipe - Caffe Arancione

Living in Brisbane during this current Summer, it seems pertinent to mention 'Cold Press' coffee. This 'Cold Press' term is a fancy catch-phrase for 'cold drip' or 'cold filtered' coffee and there is actually no 'press' or mechanical devices involved. It is a simple process where ice-cold water is dripped through a bed of coarse ground coffee over some hours to extract the flavour of the coffee without the help of any above-ambient temperature.

Using the Cold Bruer as my preferred device, I find this method gives an extremely pure expression of the flavours in the roasted bean and produces a liquor of crystalline clarity that adds to the visual appeal and enhances the textural enjoyment.

The optimal settings for the Cold Bruer are: 60g coarse ground coffee (just a little finer than plunger grind), 1 tray of ice, 350mL cold water and set the drip rate to about 1 drip per second. Total brew time will be about 4 hours. The resulting brew will last 2-3 weeks in the fridge and longer if you decant into quality, clean bottles bottles with a good closure.

Caffe Arancione

Use a quality Central American espresso roast coffee such as El Salvador El Talapo from the Pacas family for some gentle roast character and chocolate textures. Use the standard Cold Bruer recipe above and serve on ice with a wedge of locally grown Valencia orange in your favourite Old Fashioned glass. The interplay with the coffee and orange aromas and flavours is truly something to behold!

For variety you could dilute with soda water for a spritz and/or add a dash of Campari to provide some additional bite.

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