Cold Coffee Recipe - Summer Sublime

Cold Coffee Recipe - Summer Sublime

Living in Brisbane during this current Summer, it seems pertinent to mention 'Cold Press' coffee. This 'Cold Press' term is a fancy catch-phrase for 'cold drip' or 'cold filtered' coffee and there is actually no 'press' or mechanical devices involved. It is a simple process where ice-cold water is dripped through a bed of coarse ground coffee over some hours to extract the flavour of the coffee without the help of any above-ambient temperature.

Using the Cold Bruer as my preferred device, I find this method gives an extremely pure expression of the flavours in the roasted bean and produces a liquor of crystalline clarity that adds to the visual appeal and enhances the textural enjoyment.

The optimal settings for the Cold Bruer are: 60g coarse ground coffee (just a little finer than plunger grind), 1 tray of ice, 350mL cold water and set the drip rate to about 1 drip per second. Total brew time will be about 4 hours. The resulting brew will last 2-3 weeks in the fridge and longer if you decant into quality, clean bottles bottles with a good closure.

Summer Sublime

Select a great washed African filter roast coffee for clarity and depth of fruit character and follow the above brew guidelines. I used Ethiopia Kochere Gr.1 to stunning effect; wow, I will never forget that piercing, perfect blackcurrant flavour! Chill and serve neat, using an elegant small vessel. The one in the photo was perfect, a Riedel single malt whisky flute, but a small still wine or fortified wine glass would also work well.

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