Our Green Coffee Sourcing Policy

Our Green Coffee Sourcing Policy


The Beansmith is truly dedicated to Specialty Coffee. We can justify this claim because we only buy Specialty Grade Green Coffee which either meets the SCAA definition OR cups 80 or above on a Cup of Excellence cupping sheet (or equivalent) – this is assessed by the experts at the coffee merchants we buy from.

Furthermore, via our dedicated merchants our coffee offered here embodies the principles of Traceability and Sustainability.

Traceability refers to the idea that wherever possible the coffee merchant, The Beansmith and the Customer know the farm, co-operative or growers association behind the coffee. The reason this is important is that by being more transparent each party is further protected from unethical treatment by others. In particular this is most important for the growers who would otherwise be nameless price-takers in a commodity market. Instead, they are given recognition as the custodians of the coffee and are treated fairly and equitably.

Sustainability refers to a number of aspects of the coffee production and trade. On the trade side, quality based premiums are paid to the farmers that are substantially above the commercial commodity price for bulk coffee (which is sold only on a volume basis). This additional money allows producers of the best coffees to ensure their farm is kept in good condition for the future because they typically use this price premium to invest in quality initiatives on their farms (more staff, better equipment, worker education) and also this additional money filters down to better lives for the families of all involved in the growing of specialty coffee.

When the above requirements are met we will sometimes offer coffee also covered by the following classifications:


•Directly Traded

Rainforest Alliance (RFA)

Utz Certified

However, on their own, the above 4 popular classifications do not in themselves confer any cup quality attributes and for that reason we only buy coffee under these auspices if it already meets our strict quality guidelines.

An excellent source of information about green coffee is Kenneth David's Coffee Review.


Specialty coffee is purchased on a seasonal basis. This ensures the coffee is fresh at the time of arrival at the roastery and most importantly, is always drinking at its best when sold to our customers. The coffee we offer at any time is the result of the harvest times in the premium coffee growing regions, the time it is rested in parchment (for the moisture content and flavours to settle) and the time taken to freight to Australia. With the help of our friendly expert coffee merchants, we buy the best tasting coffees available during any season. Year on year, we generally know what is around the corner and the coffees we love the most are the ones we try the hardest to secure from the merchant so that we can present them proudly to our customers.

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