Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some articles covering the most important frequently asked questions.

Sustainability Initiatives
We use Diedrich coffee roasters which use infra-red low NOx gas burners which results in lower emissions. We are active in phasing in compostable coffee bags and already use compostable takeaway cups (lids included) at our own cafe. continue reading

Roasting Dates, Coffee Freshness and Storage
Specialty coffee flavours are at their optimum 7-14 days after roasting in the sealed, valved bags we use. Once open, we recommend folding the bag to expel the air and storing air-tight in a cupboard. We do not recommend refrigerated storage as the high relative humidity causes accelerated staling. continue reading

Shipping Policy
We aim to offer the best service and value to our customers, so we recently lowered our shipping and handling rates. So merchandise ships for as little as $7 inc. GST and our coffee subscriptions are shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes via Parcel Post in the all-inclusive price. continue reading

Ordering, Payment and Warranty
Please order via our online shop where possible. Our preferred payment method is Paypal. continue reading

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