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The complete list of our previous offerings.

COLOMBIA - Asobombo
Aromas of orange, cherry and hazelnut. Heavy body, buttery; with flavours of molasses, malted rye, chocolate and cola. Significant malic acidity reminiscent of apple and pear which provides a long sweet and incredibly clean finish. continue reading

BRAZIL - Sempre Viva
Full-bodied with butterscotch sweetness and notes of dark chocolate, roasted almonds, and cherries. continue reading

Nicaragua - Finca Santa Rosa
Sweet milk chocolate fragrance with floral hints. Big creamy body with a good acid structure to provide balance. continue reading

BRAZIL - Paraguaçú
Full body, dark chocolate, honey sweetness and notes of plum roasted hazelnuts and dark forest chocolate cake. continue reading

BRAZIL - Boa Vista
Sweet, smooth and creamy, with mandarin acidity, brown sugar sweetness, dark chocolate, rum, and a lingering dark chocolate finish. continue reading

ETHIOPIA - Biftu Gudina
Full bodied with a lifted citric acidity, winey sweetness, and notes of honey, chocolate and baking spice. continue reading

RWANDA - Sumbili
Heavy bodied with notes of candied walnuts, tangerine and apricot with a chocolate and sour cherry finish. continue reading

BRAZIL - Pedra Redonda
Heavy-bodied with milk chocolate sweetness and notes of cherry, honey and walnut. continue reading

BRAZIL - Shangri La
Rich, sweet and balanced with a heavy body and notes of toffee, cocoa and hazelnut. continue reading

BRAZIL - Cruzeiro
Full body, with soft orange acidity, caramel sweetness and notes of roast hazelnuts and milk chocolate and rich nutella finish. continue reading

RWANDA - Musasa
Orange acidity flowing into a rich sweetness book ended with textures of red apple and chocolate. Clean and crisp with a long finish. continue reading

A deep, clean and sweet Kenyan with beautiful balance and aroma. Surely one of the best examples I have ever tasted of the intrinsic sweetness in specialty coffee. continue reading

COSTA RICA - Granitos de Ortiz
Buttery, creamy mouthfeel, smooth toffee and a golden syrup finish. continue reading

COSTA RICA - Santa Lucia Organic
Smooth lemon butter body with a classic Costa Rica biscuit mid-palate and a golden syrup finish. All balanced by perfectly weighted, zesty citric acidity and mild tropical fruit flavours. Very clean and well processed. continue reading

ETHIOPIA - Yirgacheffe Konga Grade 2 Washed
Classic Yirgacheffe characters with bright citrus, spice and floral ascents. On the palate, there is a rich intensity with kumquat and jasmine in the cup. Notable for both for its clarity and long finish. continue reading

RWANDA - Inzovu Cooperative
Delicate citrus and floral aromas, with notes of jasmine. Bright citrus acidity with substantial body and rich flavours of currants and berries followed by a sweet vanilla finish. continue reading

COLOMBIA - La Esperanza
Buttery mouth feel and good acidity. Hazelnut and milk chocolate flavors with an elegant sweet, long finish. continue reading

KENYA - Wamuguma AA
Aromas of chocolate and sultanas with a syrupy mouth feel, mild grapefruit acidity and clean flavors of brown sugar. Complex and intense. continue reading

COSTA RICA - Herbazu Estate
Very clean and well balanced with citric acid and sugary sweetness. Notes of red berries, honey and golden syrup. continue reading

COSTA RICA - Finca Micepa
A classic Costa Rica cup. Clean and bright buttery, caramel and sugarcane sweetness with a clean finish. It has a delicate body but with a good mouthfeel and some floral accents in the cup. continue reading

EL SALVADOR - Finca Himalaya - Washed
Aromas and flavours of honey and cocoa. Juicy acidity and an incredibly long sweet finish. continue reading

NICARAGUA - Finca La Escondida
Zesty with hints of berry and citrus acidity. A heavy caramel body lingers into a delicious, long aftertaste. continue reading

ETHIOPIA - Kochere Grade 1 Washed
Fragrant, sweet aroma of dried raisins. An intense but perfectly balanced palate; a rich body balanced by ample acidity. Some citrus and melon spectrum flavours with a chocolate texture to the body. Crisp with a lingering sweet finish. Ethiopian complexity meets Kenyan richness! continue reading

KENYA - Asali AA
Beautiful cocoa and blackcurrant fragrance. Strong cocoa flavour with some subtle winey and fruity characters present upon cooling, followed by a vanilla and caramel finish. continue reading

COSTA RICA - Don Mayo Estate
Dried fruits, maple syrup/toffee flavours with a cocoa base. Definitive sweetness, full body and well balanced. continue reading

BRAZIL - Brauna
Sweet red berry and nut aromas. Generous body with flavours of almond and walnut. Long caramel finish. continue reading

RWANDA - Nyarusiza
Juicy raspberry and plum acidity. Rich vanilla and maple syrup aromas flowing onto the palate with a lingering rum aftertaste. continue reading

KENYA - Gukuyuini PB
Juicy body, tropical fruit acidity. Delicate floral aromas. Strawberry, toffee, paw paw, dry spice. Long rounded finish continue reading

Cherry and red apple acidity. Molasses, dark chocolate and black forest chocolate cake. Sweet toffee finish. continue reading

EL SALVADOR - El Capulin
Apricot and orange acidity. Caramel, butterscotch and toffee sweetness. Lingering maple syrup and white chocolate finish. continue reading

Citric acidity. Notes of apricot, plum, cocoa and berries. Bold, juicy and complex. Lingering sugarcane sweetness. continue reading

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